How to create non-news driven content for SEO and content marketing

Savvy marketers know that content marketing is key when it comes to building up a relationship with other sites, social networks, and syndication partners.

Whether or not you agree with slapping the (buzz)phrase ‘content marketing’ across many of the already commonly used SEO tactics, everyone can agree the technology to find, distribute and track how content delivers ROI (meaning influencer tracking, social analytics, custom CRMs) has really kick-started an interest in the field.

We’ve written broadly on content strategy in the past, but in this post I thought I’d share a bit more about our internal approach to a specific area of content creation.

SEO in 2018: Industry Experts Tell Marketers What They Need to Know Report

Content marketing and SEO: how will they evolve in the future?

Google’s continuing moves to penalise marketers ‘chasing the algorithm’, and to reward those who produce useful and valuable content, is one of the principal reasons why content marketing has emerged as a hot topic over the past 18 months. 

The majority of marketers surveyed in our Content Marketing Survey Report (produced in associated with Outbrain) agreed with the statement that “Content marketing is becoming its own discipline, like SEO or email marketing”.

The question remains to be seen as to how content marketing and SEO will change, integrate and evolve over time, with some predicting the demise of SEO and others insisting that it will remain as its own discipline.

To find out more, and following last week’s post on the expert view on content marketing, we asked a selection of marketers how they “see the relationship between content marketing and SEO evolving over the next few months?” Their answers, some of which do conflict, are below…

Content marketing in 2013: what the experts think

Since the launch of our Content Marketing Survey Report, produced in association with Outbrain, the topic has continued to fuel discussion throughout the industry, as brands struggle for the attention of consumers and marketers find it ever more difficult to reach the top of the search engines.

As 2013 begins, we asked a series of marketers for their thoughts on where content marketing is going and what brands and publishers have been doing particularly well.

Their insights are below, along with some video shot by Outbrain at the launch of the Content Marketing Survey Report late last year.

Six content marketing trends to watch this year

The importance of Content Marketing across business sectors and organizations of all sizes continues to grow year over year.  

When we surveyed marketers in October in association with Outbrain we found 90% of respondents believing that it will become more important over the next 12 months.

Here are six content marketing trends to watch in the next 12 months…

Content marketing for human action

According to a recent talk at Outbrain NY, one of the most powerful voices of online news discovery, Gabe Rivera, believes algorithms will never be able to curate as effectively as humans.

This is why your content marketing initiatives should never underestimate human action.


14 insightful adjectives that define great content marketing

Content marketing adjectivesFor our Content Marketing Survey Report, published in association with Outbrain, we asked over 1,300 members of the Econsultancy community for their views on content marketing.

While the dozens of charts and in-depth analysis provide an excellent foundation for understanding the state of content marketing, the real value came across in some of the qualitative responses provided.

One of the open-ended questions we asked was, “What single adjective or phrase would you use to describe the type of content which is most effective for marketing?

Some of the most entertaining responses are provided below.