How alumni could help HR combat the digital skills shortage

What if trying to retain your staff was missing the bigger picture?

What if, as the cliché goes, loving something means letting it go?

Well, that’s what forward-thinking HR departments are starting to understand, creating alumni groups to learn from past employees and their networks.

Perhaps this could be an important strategy to improve recruitment of digital skills in the ongoing skills shortage?

Five lessons in corporate brand building from the big boys

There’s been some talk in the last weeks about FMCG companies investing in and building their corporate brands. 

Research by media monitoring company Precise, published in March 2013 says that consumers are more likely to view FMCG companies favourably if they develop a recognisable corporate brand.

Now comes the news that Johnson & Johnson have unveiled a new corporate slogan, prompting Mark Ritson to write in Marketing Week last week in less than complimentary terms about various attempts at corporate brand building.

What all this proves is that the audience for corporate brands has extended beyond the traditional confines of city, press and internal staff to include consumers, and the principles of brand management are being applied.

In fact, both Reckitt Benckiser and Unilever place so much importance on their corporate brands that they use digital asset management systems to manage them.

App review: P&G’s Beauty Recommended

Earlier this year Procter & Gamble (P&G) announced that it was re-evaluating its $10bn ad budget to focus more on digital.

As part of its new strategy it has launched a Beauty Recommended app that is essentially a condensed version of its existing online magazine.

The app, which was developed by Grapple, offers beauty tips and trends, recommendations from make up artists and competitions. It also includes three tours of central London.

P&G calls Beauty Recommended its “breakthrough beauty app”, but is it any good?