Google continues to fight scrapers, turns to public for help

If you’re a publisher, one of the most frustrating experiences is to discover that your content is being scraped by a third party that does not have permission to use your content.

Even more frustrating: when that scraper’s website is able to outrank yours for searches related to your own content.

For obvious reasons then, Google has engaged in a considerable effort to thwart scrapers. And now it’s turning to the public for additional assistance.

Twitter search: deconstructing TwitRank

Earlier this week, Twitter launched an update to its search
functionality. One of the goals: make it “easier to find and follow accounts based on your interests.” As detailed on the Twitter
blog, “When you search for a topic, you can now discover accounts that
are relevant to that particular subject.”

Given Twitter’s popularity as an online marketing tool, the company’s
search update necessarily has implications for brands looking for more
love on the site.

After all, if your company sells cookies, having your account recommended to Twitter users searching for “cookies” is a
desirable thing.