patent trolls

Twitter’s Innovator’s Patent Agreement: will it really change anything?

The patent wars are completely and utterly out of control. That pretty much everyone can agree on.

But just about every major technology company feels the need to participate in some way. After all, even if you’re not going around suing other companies for patent infringement, chances are you’re filing for patents just in case.

Yahoo’s Facebook patent lawsuit: hate the game, not the player

While the violent and depressing patent wars that are being waged in the technology industry aren’t new, Yahoo’s patent infringement lawsuit against Facebook has created a firestorm in Silicon Valley.

From bloggers to venture capitalists to former employees, individuals are lashing out at the once-dominant portal, criticizing it for being desperate, evil or some combination of other less-than-nice words.

Apple fights the troll it fed

Don’t feed the trolls.” Anybody who has ever participated on a message board or blog knows this is usually good advice.

When it comes to patent trolls, however, some of the world’s largest companies can’t find enough food. When faced with demands from companies that do little more than buy and license patents, tech stalwarts prefer feeding to fighting.

And for good reason: patent litigation is expensive, and a lost lawsuit can be even more expensive.