Paul Cook

Q&A: Paul Cook on his new tag optimisation research

Paul Cook on tag optimisationTagMan’s Paul Cook recently asked if he could borrow a popular entertainment blog I own for the purposes of running an experiment. I said yes and promptly handed over the keys to

Paul wanted to figure out how the placement of tags on web pages affects performance. Turns out that the results of the research are a bit of an eye opener.

I’ve interviewed him to find out more about the issues. A link to the research can be found at the foot of this Q&A…

Does Google Analytics overstate the value of search?

A fantastic post by Francois Derbaix, CTO at top French travel site, tells us that Google is as susceptible as anyone else to imposing conditions that make its services look good when you analyse your site traffic.

Comparing the stats for Toprural delivered by Google Analytics
with his own 3rd-party solution, he finds that, while his own system (AT Internet’s
XiTi) says 37.8% of visitors come via Google, GA says it’s 71.8%. The
core of the problem, he discovers, is the good old cookie window. It
turns out the default cookie window Google ascribes to visitors that
arrive on a site via Google is six months. Six months!

Q&A: Paul Cook of TagMan on duplicate payments

Paul Cook is Managing Director of Positive Feedback, which owns the TagMan tag management product that was a recent winner of an Econsultancy Innovation Award.

TagMan makes it easier for companies to implement web analytics and can reduce de-duplication, which is a growing concern for many e-commerce and marketing teams.

We interviewed Paul to find out more about the thorny issue of de-duplication…