pay with a tweet

What did I learn swapping a book for a retweet?

A few weeks ago I released a mini eBook about link building for SEO titled “Becoming a Clockwork Pirate.” Although I put my heart, soul and everything I know about link building into the 30,000 word digital mini-book, that’s not what made the book most interesting.

What made it unusual was the approach I took in ‘monetising’ it.

Pay with a Tweet: Making money from Twitter the old fashioned way?

pay-with-a-tweetWhile Twitter has consistently struggled to make a monetisation strategy
stick, third party developers may have hit on a solution: haggling.

With paid
tweets and trending topics, Twitter has flirted with the idea that buzz can
be charged for, but not as directly as a new system devised by NYC
marketers Christian Behrendt and Leif Abraham.

Clearly, the pair
clearly saw no revenue in Twitter, so have instead directly targeted the tweet itself.