PayPal X

PayPal looks to reduce friction with Guest Payments

PayPal’s CEO John Donahoe thinks that online payments should make up more than 20% of the global payments market, but right now it only accounts for a fraction of it. One of the ways PayPal is working to change that: courting developers.

The company’s Adaptive Payments API was launched in November 2009 at the PayPal Innovate X 2009, and since then, PayPal has recruited thousands of developers and seen millions of dollars transacted using its developer platform.

PayPal turns to developers in its quest for world domination

When Steve Ballmer repeated the now-famous and parodied words, “Developers,
developers, developers
“, he may have been far more sane than he looked at the time.

From Apple to Facebook, some of
today’s most successful and popular internet companies are taking
advantage of third party developers to extend their products and make
them more useful and appealing. In many cases, these companies owe some
of their success to developers.