New Apple software points the way in post-PC world

In the Post-PC era, designing to delight customers is the currency of persistent advantage. This intensifies competition to own user experience and valuable customer relationships through it.

Last week Apple updated Logic Pro X, its high-end audio software aimed at music professionals. A big part of its new coolness is that it comes with a free companion app which allows iPads to be remote input devices to the processor-intensive audio editing program.

This means you can play an instrument or work a mixing board control wirelessly across a studio or a venue, while your Mac runs the full Logic Pro software and processes the incoming signals.

Own a Mac? Now you can pay more for your hotel

The next time you need to find a hotel room, you might want to keep a PC handy. At least if your search takes you to Orbitz.

The reason? The popular travel service is experimenting with displaying costlier lodging options to Mac users.

Is the age of innocence over for the Mac?

If you own a Windows-based computer, it may be hard to believe that many of your Mac counterparts don’t run antivirus software.

Viruses and malware are a fact of life for Windows owners, and as a
result, there is a sizable ecosystem of security software vendors whose
mission in life is to protect PC owners from the constantly growing
number of threats.

But Mac owners may be getting a taste of the hassles PC
owners have become accustomed to…