Q&A: Patrice Lamothe of Pearltrees on personal organisation of the web

Believe me when I say you’ve never used a web application quite like pearltrees. With this application, you can literally map your personal web. Take all of the bookmarks scattered across your web browser, assign them a category and you’ve got a pearltree. It’s a new way of seeing the web. Think of it as Web 2.5.

Pearltrees was the darling of the 2009 LeWeb conference, which included
a keynote and product demonstration by pearltrees CEO Patrice Lamothe
(no relation). During the presentation, he showed this video
explaining how pearltrees works.

I met Patrice while in Paris at the LeWeb
conference. A few months have passed and
pearltrees has continued to grow. I decided to find out what has
changed and how the application has grown since its unveiling at LeWeb…