The sharing economy: 40+ peer-to-peer start-ups

Peer-to-peer services are starting to mess things up for real.

Which industries are next to be disrupted by the sharing economy? Will we cease to ‘own stuff’?

Whether you’ve only just heard about Airbnb, or are actively sharing your pride and joy via RelayRides, this is a disruptive business model that is expanding every quarter.

As Rachel Botsman eloquently puts it, many are learning to

  • Trust in strangers.
  • Value access over ownership.
  • Value experiences over owning stuff.

If you want hard numbers, Forbes magazine has estimated total revenues across the sharing and P2P companies could reach $3.5bn by 2014, with growth exceeding 25%.

So, here’s a decent sized list of companies focused on collaborative consumption, along with some warning shots, or notes of opposition from more traditional quarters. Once you’ve scrolled to the bottom, you’ll realise just how many of these companies there are.

Airbnb thrives internationally, surpasses 5m nights booked: infographic

Last year, Airbnb, a marketplace that lets individuals rent out their flats and houses to others in a peer-to-peer fashion, raised a staggering $112m in funding. It also found itself in a PR crisis after the apartment of one of its host’s apartments was practically torn apart by a guest.

But that apparently hasn’t slowed the company’s growth.