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Social media fame and fortune: Five of the biggest internet celebrity successes

In 1968, Andy Warhol made a prescient prediction: “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes“. Thanks to technology and the internet, 15 minutes of fame is within just about anyone’s reach. Unfortunately, thanks to social media, extending that fame beyond 15 minutes is a tough task.

In fact, most ‘internet celebrities‘ don’t even get 15 minutes. It’s more like 15 seconds. But that doesn’t mean that the internet and social media haven’t produced some big successes. They have. And here are five of the biggest.

Perez Hilton launches new blog: CocoPerez

Perez Hilton launches CocoPerezBlog queen Perez Hilton has unveiled a new fashion-orientated blog that “gives you the scoop on the finer things of celebrity style”.

The Gap-sponsored site so far contains lots of images, and little in the way of text, but should quickly attract a following due to Hilton’s popularity and reach.

Will online publishers self-censor for dollars?

Online publishers: what would you do to boost your ad revenue? What would you do to prevent your existing advertisers from walking away?

It appears that self-censorship in various forms could be a means of accomplishing both.