persuade the boss

20 ideas to help you push the boss towards digital transformation

Here’s a weird fact for you: your boss is probably the single biggest barrier to transforming your business. If it isn’t the boss, it’s those pesky senior stakeholders, who are normally entrenched in some archaic mindset or other.

This really is the way of things for so many companies. It’s a common complaint that I’ve heard over the years, and I know from talking to senior digital folk that it’s still a major problem for many.

Econsultancy does a lot of work for clients around digital transformation, organisational change and business restructuring. In the past year demand for our services has gone through the roof, but even when there is clear buy-in from a switched-on senior lieutenant, projects can still be scuttled by change-resistant board members, or the person at the very top.

Why is this? Typically it’s a combination of myopia, fear and apathy. It is as understandable as it is problematic. Normally a boss is employed to have a vision, to be bold, and to care about the long-term health of the business. Unfortunately the pace of change in the past 15 years has left some people behind.  

The reality for people who have not adapted their views to mirror that of actual consumer behaviour is quite straightforward: either they wake up and smell the coffee, and drive change, or they let the business wither on the vine, and take responsibility for that. There are too many examples of companies that have gone bust precisely because of a lack of vision, and too much dithering.