How is healthcare marketing changing in the digital world?

Healthcare marketing has inherent difficulties. 

In an industry where the product takes centre stage, how can a company create a meaningful corporate brand that adds value? And beyond the product, what go-to-market innovations can be found in a realm where data security is paramount?

These are just two of the questions facing healthcare and pharmaceutical companies as marketers evolve strategy in response to consumer behavior.

Pharma companies and social media

Healthcare in Europe is vastly different to healthcare in the US.
The key difference that UK visitors notice on a trip to the US is the
plethora of prescription-only medicines advertised on television. In
contrast, this kind of brand marketing to consumers is forbidden in
Europe and all prescription-only drug marketing is tightly regulated.

Say mediaaaaaahhhhh. Drug companies diagnose social networks

drugsUp until now most pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t dare touch social media. Too many questions, too many regulations, and too much at stake. Maybe, just maybe, that trend is about to change.

The change is evident in several new pharma corporation blogs. The newest is the obtusely named CNTO411 blog. It is a disguised name for Centocor, a Johnson & Johnson owned drug conglomerate that manufactures immune support drugs such as Ustekinumab. Not exactly a household word, but if you had psoriasis you’d know what it is. Another one comes from GlaxoSmithKline’s Alli, which is a weight loss drug. Pfizer also has a blog on fibromyalgia