Q&A: Jared Field on PPC strategy at REISS

It’s pleasing to have so many upper case letters in a headline.

I sent some questions to Jared Field, PPC specialist at high street fashion retailer, REISS.

It’s an interesting time for the retailer, with increased numbers of stores and successful expansion into the USA.

Here’s what Jared had to say about life on the PPC shop floor.

Ten tips to summon customers with your Google Shopping campaigns

August marked the 20th anniversary of the first ever online transaction – a copy of Sting’s album Ten Summoner’s Tales.

Since then, ecommerce has gone from strength to strength with 95% of us now shopping online.

In the same way music trends have come and gone, over the last two decades marketers have had to evolve the way they engage with consumers online; fielding both shifts in consumer behaviour and the way Google displays its results.

If there is one thing that retail marketers have learned about advertising on search engines over the years it’s that relevancy is a key to success. Google’s latest update aims to make this easier. Google Shopping ads (previously known as product listing ads or PLAs) were introduced this month to allow advertisers to set up and manage campaigns in a more intuitive way.

However, with the vast number of marketers who have grown accustomed to PLAs and already have existing PLA campaigns running, there are undoubtedly many wondering how this change will affect them.

Below are my own ten ‘summoning’ tips for marketers to help make the most of the change from PLAs to Google Shopping.

Tablets account for a third of Boxing Day conversions and revenue from PPC

Tablet devices accounted for more than a third of conversions, revenue and spend from UK retail paid search on Boxing Day.

The data should come as no real surprise to anyone involved in ecommerce, however it is useful as further evidence of the continued consumer shift towards mobile devices.

It should also be noted that the festive period does present something of an anomaly in terms of site traffic, as data is skewed due to people being away from their work computers and also because tablets and smartphones are a popular Christmas gift.

Google Shopping ads see increase in clicks and impressions during 2012: report

On 13 February Google Shopping will transition from a free to a paid for service that is only available to Product Listing Ad customers.

The service moved to a commercial model in the US in October, causing some annoyance among merchants who had been enjoying the free extra traffic that Google Shopping brings.

But new research from Marin Software suggests that advertisers who have launched PLA campaigns in the US have achieved a great deal of success.

More than 100,000 retailers had inventory in Google Shopping by the end of September 2012 and reaped the rewards during the holiday season.