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Four examples of automotive brands that are innovating the customer experience

Disruption is a common theme these days and while it’s hard to create a list of industries that are being disrupted the most, there’s no doubt that the auto industry is a contender.

Consumers are redefining their relationship with cars, from the way they acquire them to how they use them, and that means automakers need to rethink their roles and how they operate in the market.

Eight of the best social campaigns from June 2014

Another month has passed, so it’s time for us to round up some of the more noteworthy social campaigns we’ve seen in June.

This time around we’ve got examples from Coors Light, Wilkinson Sword, Porsche, Paddy Power, Burberry and Spec Savers.

And if this isn’t enough for you then check out my round ups from back in April and May

Six examples of automotive social media strategy

In a regular feature I’ll be taking a look at brands from a particular industry to see how they compare with one another on various social media channels.

Last month I wrote about why Ford’s social media strategy is so good, in which I took a look at the 110 year-old car manufacturer and how it’s managed to transform its digital presence through expertly tailoring its content and connecting to each social channel’s audience with authentic engagement and a suitable tone of voice.

Let’s take a look at how other brands compare in the world of automotive social media.

Porsche’s battle to improve customer service and the Net Promoter Score

When buying luxury goods the expectation is you are also buying a high level of customer service along with the premium brand product.

It’s part of the luxury brand experience that makes the high prices easier to stomach.

But during a talk at our Jump 2012 event yesterday, Porsche’s head of customer experience Nina Jones explained some of the challenges that the company faces in trying to maintain high standards of customer service.

Porsche currently sells five different models which means it has a surprisingly diverse customer base, ranging from “teachers to celebs”.

It sells around 12,000 new and approved used cars each year and Jones said that one of the aims of delivering excellent customer service is to turn these owners into advocates for the Porsche brand.

Seven reasons why Porsche is winning the social media game

The automotive industry knows more than most about the power of advertising, and it also spends more than most on media to influence consumers.

As such it’s probably no surprise that the industry is ahead of the curve when it comes to making the most of earned media through social channels. 

I was intending to compile a post full of relevant examples from various car manufacturers, but Porsche deserves a dedicated post, as – despite not allowing employees to use social media platforms in the workplace – it is doing some tremendous things in this space.