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10 ways to get the most from PPC in a small-keyword category

How can search marketers maintain visibility and acquire new customers without simply increasing their paid search bids?

Competition is growing among home insurance brands vying for attention in Google’s search results. 

In this blog I’ve summarised the findings our new report that, while focusing in on home insurance as a category, demonstrates how search marketers operating in a highly-competitive category can achieve visibility and acquire new customers without simply increasing their paid search bids.


Seven tips to achieve profitable sales via generic PPC

Are you just throwing money away on your PPC generics, or even questioning the worth? 

An emerging trend from the brands that I speak to on a day to day basis, as well as industry leaders, is the questioning of the value of spending money on generic paid search adverts and whether this budget is better reallocated into solely brand terms, or even other marketing channels.

So whilst profusely stating the benefits of this approach as a customer acquisition strategy, I am often shocked when auditing brands’ existing PPC accounts (monthly spend ranging from £5,000 – £150,000).  

The overall quality of search campaigns from a range of boutiques, high-street brands and multi-nationals are worringly sub-standard.

It is only then that I begin to understand the scepticism that this digital media tactic can effectively and efficiently drive greater branding awareness and ultimately revenue.  


PPC agency payment models: fixed fee

Towards the end of last year, I started a series of posts digging into the mechanics of PPC agency pricing models.

The aim? To help buyers make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing a model that’s right for their business, whilst hopefully leading to some healthy debate amongst buyers and sellers alike.

If you haven’t already, check out the overview of percentage of spend and pay on performance models. And if you have, thank you for sticking with me. Here we go with the final post in the series, a look at fixed fee models.

How a PPC ad scheduling strategy drove 69% improvement in CPA

When taking over any PPC account, it is essential to learn from historical performance swiftly in order to make the best possible start to a campaign.

In this example account there was a clear disparity between the best and worst hours / days of the week.

This suggested that a more aggressive ad scheduling strategy was required to bring the account to an even keel (and to perform as efficiently as possible) over the course of the day and week.