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Do supermarkets know what online customers want?

What kinds of features are web users looking for from grocery shopping sites? 

We’ve looked at the big UK supermarket websites to see how they cater for the needs of customers. 

This is based on insights from a recent survey by retail marketing firm Savvy, which questioned more than 1,000 shoppers about their online grocery preferences. 

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Seven important UX requirements for online postcode validation

When I started looking at user journeys for and the tools we’d need to deliver a good quality UX, one of the first areas I looked at was forms.

Form abandonment is a headache for all ecommerce sites but there is a lot of learning out there regarding how to minimise the risk of alienating users.

This blog looks at some of the core UX requirements that I think people selecting a postcode lookup and validation tool should take into consideration, as well as explaining which solution we chose and why.


21 Google searches that will forever change how you think about the internet

We’ve all done it – perhaps early in the morning when putting off waking up, or perhaps when at work putting off… erm… work. Maybe you won’t admit it to your friends, but we’ve all done it.

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s ok. I do it too.

Maybe it’s a “wisdom of the crowds” thing, or a “wikinomics” thing. Or maybe just a lazy way to make sense of this crazy online world in which we live.

In this post, I undertake some serious investigative online journalism to find out what the internet actually thinks about the internet, using Google search’s fancy auto-fill tool.

Read on – it just may change your life.