Study: Showing value boosts consumer acceptance of behavioral targeting

Dr. Karl Lendenmann, VP, Marketing & Analytics Datran Last year, an Annenberg-Berkeley survey entitled “Americans Reject Tailored Advertising” published to considerable attention. It, and similar studies, found consumer harbor aversions to behaviorally targeted online advertising based primarily on privacy concerns. A new study published by Datran Media’s PreferenceCentral disputes these findings — and does so with a suvery of over 1,000 consumers who were asked questions modelled closely on the Annenberg-Berkeley research.

Consumers are far less concerned with privacy issues stemming from targeted advertising than they are just plain peeved by annoying advertising, finds the new research. In fact, the more sophisticated users who are of greater value to advertisers display the most willingness to make the quid pro quo exchange of non-personally identifiable information for valuable content.