Ecommerce trends in 2015: video presentation

B2C Ecommerce continues to take a growing share of retail sales, but what’s driving this growth and what are the emerging trends that marketers can take advantage of in 2015?

Here I’ll be taking you through a few key stats before presenting my latest talk, which will help to shed some light on the above questions.

Seven handy tips for a webinar newbie

Yesterday I took part in my first webinar.

I’ve hosted many webinars, but never done the speaking part. I must admit, I’m not a great fan of the format.

However, this reticence when it comes to speaking to lots of mute people whilst rustling through a slide deck is almost certainly a result of nerves about tech and public speaking.

Once all possible hitches are unhitched, or at least made unhitchable before they get a chance to hitch themselves, the experience is, in very real terms, more approachable (this sentence is an example of the way a nervous person can start speaking on a webinar).

What I mean to say is perhaps webinars can be enjoyable if you follow a few steps beforehand and bear in mind one or two points whilst speaking.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned about the tech, and yesterday, very quickly, about the speaking bit.

12 kickass SEO infographics

At Econsultancy HQ, we’re loving infographics in a big way. After all, what’s not to like? They’re great visual breakdowns of complex information,  far better than standard data charting, and are often extremely creative in their representations.

15 more awesome social media infographics

About six months ago, I threw together a blog post based on a bunch of social media infographics. At the time, they were surprisingly difficult to root out, but it seems that more are emerging, given the continued development and understanding of the channel.

I’ve now collected a few more newer infographics that I feel demonstrate a mixture of both hard data and strategy practices. Hopefully, they’ll also provide some inspiration or can be useful in helping you with presentations or pitches. As before, links to the actual graphics are in the headline titles.