Primark uses ASOS to test the ecommerce waters

A month ago, I wrote a post questioniong whether Primark was mad to ignore ecommerce, after it had said it had no plans to sell online. 

Strangely, for a post and discussion on an internet marketing blog, the general consensus was that Primark’s offline only strategy was a good idea for such a low margin retailer. 

Yesterday however, Primark started selling a limited range of clothes via ASOS. So is this a good idea? 

Is Primark mad to ignore ecommerce?

Obviously, we’re big believers in ecommerce at Econsultancy, and we would advise any retailer to start selling online, if they aren’t already doing so, but one big name still doesn’t see the virtues of online retail: Primark. 

I’ve written in the past about retailers that have shied away from online retail, and most of these retailers have since taken the plunge. 

Not Primark though, and it seems the retailer has no immediate plans to sell online. Indeed, its most recent trading statement (pdf) makes no mention of the internet at all. 

So, is Primark missing out as other fashion retailers grow their online sales, or is its business model somehow less suited to the internet?