11 spectacular ways the internet helped kill time this week

Despite last week’s machinations, I’ve given up on trying to keep this weekly round-up of amusing internet things ‘evergreen’. 

So prepare for a topical assault of Flappy Bird, Sochi, Valentine’s Day, The Lego Movie and flood misery, rendering the future readability of this article as redundant and confusing as a two year-old repeat of Have I Got New For You.

If you do have any questions at the end, me and internet will be holding a Reddit AMA later on this afternoon. Only we’ll be using the pseudonym Jennifer Lawrence.

Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL’s London shows give a masterclass in word-of-mouth marketing

Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL played another surprise show in London last night as part of their Hit N’ Run tour to promote the band’s new single and forthcoming album.

The gig in Shepherd’s Bush was announced on BBC Radio 6 early on Sunday morning which sent Twitter in a Prince-inspired frenzy.

The ‘guerilla’ shows are part of Prince’s policy of avoiding middlemen and traditional marketing channels to promote his gigs and new music releases.

Last week he played two surprise shows in Camden’s Electric Ballrooms following a closed press conference held in a friend’s flat in East London.