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It’s official: internet ads surpass newspaper ads

It has been a long time coming, but according to new stats, the internet has achieved a significant milestone this year: it surpassed newspapers to become the second largest ad medium.

Specifically, eMarketer predicts that by the time 2010 is finished, marketers will have spent just under $26bn on online ads, up nearly 14% year-over-year. At the same time, the research firm estimates that newspaper ad spend will have dropped over 8% year-over-year, to just under $23bn.

A video ad unlike any other

If you happen to be an Entertainment Weekly subscriber living in New York or Los Angeles, pay close attention to the September 18 issue you’ll be receiving. There’s something special in it: a video ad.

That’s right. A video player as thin as paper will activate when a reader opens up an ad page and a video sponsored by Pepsi will promote upcoming television shows on CBS.

AmEx gets social for the US Open

That many brands are cutting back on print advertising is no secret.
And it’s no secret that more and more of them are focusing their
efforts on digitally-oriented campaigns.

In many cases, such campaigns make a lot of sense. While print can
still be a valuable medium in a marketer’s toolbox, it’s often
expensive and depending on a campaign’s needs, diverting cash and
resources to the internet may provide more bang for the buck.