Priority Inbox

Google releases Gmail’s priority inbox secrets

The secret’s out (in a small way) and Google is happily
sharing a top line look at the processes and algorithms that go together to
make up what the company describes as “One of the largest and most user facing
applications of ML (machine learning) at Google”, namely the Priority

So how can we use this knowledge to ensure better inbox placement in
Gmail? And is this news to us anyway? 

Gmail Priority Inbox: implications for email marketers

Google introduced Priority Inbox this week, a new feature designed to solve the problem of overloaded inboxes by prioritising the most important and relevant messages. 

This new option, currently in beta, splits the user’s inbox into three sections, with the ‘important and unread’ section at the top. Various signals, including who is emailed most frequently, and which emails users tend to open. 

Gmail priority

This new feature will present new challenges for email marketers as they seek to ensure that their emails get the attention of Gmail users. I’ve been asking some email marketing experts about the implications of this new feature…