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77% of UK shoppers consult reviews before buying online: report

It will probably come as no surprise to find out that customer reviews are an important feature to include on an ecommerce site.

They help to educate shoppers who are researching their purchase and reassure them that they are making the right decision.

We’re so used to seeing product reviews that it looks odd, perhaps even suspicious, when a site doesn’t include them.

In fact it could be argued that reviews are so common nowadays that there’s a danger consumers will become immune to their charms or will become dubious as to their validity.

Nonetheless, a new survey of 2,000 UK consumers by Trustpilot has found that three out of four British shoppers (77%) consult online reviews before buying online, so clearly reviews are still incredibly important for driving conversions.

Give product reviews a face to increase your conversion rate

It’s been proved many times over in A/B tests that I’ve been involved in that reviews on product pages increase the add-to-basket conversion rate.

This effect can be multiplied when those reviews have meta-data surrounding them and multiplied again when there is an image, generally of the person’s face, alongside the review.

50% of online feedback comes from instore buyers

Half of online customer feedback comes from those that bought products instore, according to Bazaarvoice’s Conversation Index.

The report, which is based on more than 11m pieces of user-generated content created over the past three to six months, also found that these shoppers prove to be less satisfied with the products they purchased than those who buy online.

Bazaarvoice speculates that online customer satisfaction could be higher as shoppers have more access to research, feedback from other consumers and more product options.