12 essential Google Chrome Extensions

Make internet browsing an entirely customisable experience with these helpful (and only occasionally distracting) Chrome extensions.

Save time, increase productivity, block keywords from your social media channels, improve your internet security, measure stuff you never knew you wanted to measure, add doges everywhere!… There are thousands of apps and extensions that can enhance your use of the internet.

These are just a handful available right now that may improve your experience…

Can Google stop Office 2010 upgrades?

Google’s desire to put a dent in one of Microsoft’s biggest cash cows,
Microsoft Office, is no secret. Since introducing a paid version of
Google Apps designed for enterprise consumption in 2007, Google has
aggressively promoted its cloud-based solution as an alternative to
Microsoft Office.

Last year, it even did something that wasn’t very Google-like: it
purchased billboard space in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and
Boston urging businesses to “Go Google“.