Ten ways to get ahead on LinkedIn

LinkedIn-buttonRecently LinkedIn has undergone some dramatic changes that have
transformed it from a business contacts site into a viable networking
and promotion tool.  

The site now gives you direct access not only to your
customer base, but also to fellow professionals, meaning LinkedIn has
forum capabilities sorely lacking from sites like Facebook.

profiles are directly aimed at the business market, they are likely to
be open and honest, giving you great information on your allies (and
occasionally rivals) in a complicated marketplace.

If you’re setting up a business empire then you need to be in touch with
the movers and shakers out there and LinkedIn is a great way to do it. Despite this, a huge number of new users still primarily use it  as a job search and employment site.

Start Me Up: A profile of

Start Me Up: Voisse.comStartupland continues to throw out some innovative websites and interesting business models, and as such we’ve decided to launch a new feature called ‘Start Me Up’, which will profile new startups.

We kick things off with, which allows users to tell stories by combining audio with images.

If you run a B2C-focused startup and want a ‘Start Me Up’ profile then let me know by emailing