Social ad spend to reach $9.2bn by 2016, a third of it from ‘native’ formats: report

Startups looking to become the next big thing on the social web may find it more difficult to raise capital going forward, but there’s good news for the major players in the space today: the amount of money advertisers spend on social ads is set to grow considerably in the next several years.

By just how much? According to a new report by BIA/Kelsey, spending on social ads will double in four years, growing from $4.6bn this year to $9.2bn in 2016.

Narratives over numbers? How about neither

When an entrepreneur gets an idea for a new business, one of the
earliest questions that he or she asks is: how big could this be?

It’s an important question. After all, how ‘good‘ an idea is likely
depends on how big the potential market for it is. That’s especially
true for entrepreneurs who intend to seek outside funding.

Twitter hack: insight into a hot startup that may be losing its edge

When Michael Arrington of TechCrunch decided to publish confidential Twitter corporate documents obtained by a hacker, I wasn’t impressed. It’s a bad decision that’s hard to justify ethically.

But what’s done is done and instead of admonishing him for using a different brand of moral compass, I thought there’d be more value in using the opportunity, no matter how unfortunate, to make some observations about one of the internet’s hottest startups.

Forget social media, SEO and PPC is where the money’s at

Social media has grown like a weed on the consumer usage front but when it comes to revenue, social media hasn’t yet found enough friends in the form of advertisers to cement its place as a digital marketing staple.

According to Forrester Research, however, that will all change by 2014. As our own Meghan Keane detailed, spending on social media marketing will grow to over $3bn by then, up from an estimated $716m this year, Forrester predicts.