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How to set up and access Twitter analytics

Recently one of our Twitter friends (Hello @Henweb) pointed out that they were having trouble accessing Twitter analytics.

I realised that we’d written about this in the past, but many users had trouble accessing analytics data.

Here’s a very quick and easy guide to help you get access to Twitter analytics without spending any money.

Stats: Twitter’s relationship with TV revealed

There was a huge amount of buzz last year around the inevitable rise of connected TV, which sounded great but rather ignored the fact that viewers were already using their smartphones to interact with what they were watching.

New apps like Zeebox have achieved huge success by allowing people to share their TV viewing experience with others, but Twitter and Facebook remain as two of the main ways of talking about TV.

To highlight the depth of this link, Twitter has published a new report revealing some of the ways in which consumers use the social network to engage with TV shows.

Here are some of the most interesting stats and cases studies, but for more information on this topic checkout our Twitter for Business Best Practice Guide and this blog post on what can we learn from the top five retail brands on Twitter.

Is the Instagram backlash a backlash against native advertising?

Instagram is changing. The popular mobile photo sharing service’s rapid rise and $1bn acquisition by Facebook is the stuff of startup legends, but Instagram’s story is still being written.

Today, the new path the company is charting has it fighting strong headwinds as users take issue with some of its plans.

The lowdown on promoted tweets and trends at #SMWChicago

Marketers are always looking to find the best way to promote their brand full stop. It’s their job after all. As social media picks up the drive toward paid media opportunities, it’s easy to be confused on which avenues to take and where to move your spend.

Today’s session at Social Media Week Chicago, Tweeting Louder – using paid and earned tactics to make noise in the Twittersphere, tried to tackle this topic with Andrea Javor, Director of Digital and Media Strategy with Beam Global (the makers of Jim Beam and Makers Mark), Kristin Walsh, Director of Influencer and Consumer Engagement for FritoLay North America and Brent Hill, the director of the US Central region for Twitter.

Twitter unveils interest targeting, segmentation for advertisers

While Facebook struggles to prove to the world that it can deliver big revenue — eMarketer estimates the world’s largest social network will pull in $1bn less in revenue than previously anticipated — one of social networking’s largest still-privately-held companies, Twitter, is doing what it can to convince advertisers to increase their spend.

The company has several ad offerings, including Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends, and much to the chagrin of developers, has been making changes designed to ensure that it has the control over the Twitter ecosystem necessary to maximize monetization opportunities.

Q&A: Twitter’s UK sales director Bruce Daisley

Twitter has taken huge steps forward of late in terms of its strengthening its advertising offering.

In March, it starting letting advertisers target Promoted Tweets to desktop computers and laptops, or specifically to the 55% of its active users who log in via a mobile device.

Then last month it extended its roll out of its self-serve ad platform to a further 10,000 new advertisers in partnership with Amex.

While success in this area makes this look like a steady path to monetisation, we talk to former Googler and new UK sales director Bruce Daisley about his plans.

Twitter launches ad products for SMEs with Amex

Twitter has launched an advertising programme for small businesses in the US who use American Express.

Amex has begun to notify a limited number of eligible card holders that they can start using the self-serve ads and will steadily increase the number of participating SMEs over the coming weeks.

As we reported last month, Twitter started trialling its self-serve ad platform with around 100 SMEs last year and will eventually include 10,000 new advertisers in this latest rollout.

Amex is encouraging card holders to sign up by offering each buyer $100 in free advertising.

Twitter takes Promoted Tweets mobile

Twitter has announced that it is to begin showing Promoted Tweets to mobile users who don’t follow the advertiser’s feed.

The social network has also added new targeting tools that allow advertisers to target their messages to desktop computers and laptops or specifically to mobile devices.

A blog post states that since launching Promoted Tweets and Accounts in its mobile apps last month “reactions have been positive.”

Twitter introduces Promoted Tweets to app timeline

Twitter has introduced Promoted Tweets in the timeline of its mobile apps, reflecting the fact that 55% of its active users log in through a mobile device.

In the coming weeks Android and iPhone users will begin seeing Promoted Tweets near the top of their timeline from brands they already follow. 

blog post from Twitter said this will “ensure that people see important tweets from the brands they care about.”

Twitter launches self-serve ads

Twitter’s strategy around monetization can be summed up in three words: “take it slow.

Thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars in funding, Twitter has been able to do something many digital media upstarts can’t: explore new ad models at what often seems like a snail’s pace, working primarily with a select number of brand advertisers and agencies.