Seven online PR questions (and answers)

At the PRSA’s massive annual conference this week, thousands of communications professionals gathered in Washington, DC to take a long, hard look at trends in public relations. What’s on their radar? Social media, of course.

Several questions around how PR can dovetail with social media arose repeatedly. Herewith, the seven top FAQs PR professionals are asking about social media – along with the answers.

Social Media Putting Marketing and PR Jobs on the Line

Social media will
be an enterprise-wide mainstay by 2011, but most
marketers and PR people are still trying to wrap their heads around it all.  And
those that don’t get up to speed could find themselves without a job.

The CMO Club, polls its members on a regular basis. Just before the end of 2009 they asked this question:  What would you do differently in 2010?
64% said they’d increase their spend on social media and 72% of those
who are not yet doing social media said it’s on their list for this