Why does Europe lag behind the US in adoption of Real-Time Bidding?

Real-time bidding (RTB) is a small, but rapidly growing part of the overall display advertising market, which is billed as a way of giving agencies and advertisers better control of their ad buys and costs.

Last year eMarketer predicted that RTB spend in the US will reach $7.1bn by 2016 – nearly a third of the display ad market – up from $1.9bn in 2012.

However RTB also receives criticism for being too complicated, overly expensive and offering poor quality inventory.

With this in mind, AdMonsters and PubMatic have published a new report that examines publisher attitudes towards RTB.

AdMonsters distributed an online survey to its European publisher contacts and carried out several in-depth interviews with experienced RTB users in both the US and Europe.

Google steps up the display ad serving game with Doubleclick for Publishers

Google has been talking a lot about changing the marketplace for display advertising over the past few years, and today it is making good on the promise by announcing a simplified way to sell and manage display advertising campaigns.

Today Google announced that it has finished combining DoubleClick’s DART system with its own Ad Manager product into one entity now known as DoubleClick for Publishers. And the move could lead to a shakeup in the display ad serving space.