Is Google getting pushy?

During the .com boom, there was a lot of debate and discussion around ‘push‘ versus ‘pull‘. In the eyes of some, services that were able to successfully anticipate what data users would want or need and push it to them were set to would dominate the nascent information economy.

Yet arguably the most successful company to emerge from the rubble of the bubble is a company built on pull: Google.

Q&A: Keith Chambers on “Pull”

Keith Chambers is the founder and president of The Chambers Group, where he has worked with brands like Clorox, Del Monte, Arm &
Hammer, Scotch-Brite and
Equal to launch new products for 30 years.

He has spend his career working on messaging for brands from Claritin to the Miss
America Pageant, and finally decided to share some of his expertise in a new book. 

I caught up with Keith to talk about “Pull” and find out how digital is changing his business.