How Western mobile apps are making headway in China: stats

The Chinese mobile landscape is a fascinating market to study.

On the first hand we see a vast population over a very large and diverse geography.

This has been the perfect condition for fast mobile growth in recent years, even nearing 100% penetration as we enter 2016.

Tencent and WeChat: 35+ facts & figures on the Chinese tech giant

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba has captured the West’s attention recently thanks to its upcoming IPO and the launch of a new US marketplace called 11 Main.

However we’d be foolish to overlook its main rival in China, Tencent, which is equally capable of branching out for world domination.

The listed company has a market cap of more than $150bn and a portfolio of products that includes QQ instant messenger (818m monthly active users), Tencent Mail (274m), and Tencent Weibo (22m).

However most people will probably be more familiar with Tencent’s WeChat messenger app, which is seen as a rival to Facebook’s WhatsApp.

However unlike Facebook, Tencent makes most of its money from video games and sales of digital goods, with only 9% coming from ads.

To shed more light on the size of Tencent’s business empire, I’ve rounded up a whole load of stats on its user numbers and revenues.

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