quantified self

The quantified self: what can I measure and change?

I recently discovered Moment, the app that tracks how often you use your phone and also where you go each day. 

The idea is that by quantifying something, you can address its imbalance. Moment’s goal, as its website states, is to promote balance in your life. 

This is perhaps a healthier way for sceptics or cynics to look at the future of the quantified self.

So what can I measure and change?

Strava VS MapMyRun: seven lessons in explainer homepage design

Strava and MapMyRun are both GPS-based web and mobile tracking services for runners and cyclists.

At a glance, they have similar homepages, designed to explain the concept and coax visitors to sign up. 

The respective pages are similarly sized, with large imagery, simple text, top and bottom menus and the aim of quickly informing the user of the service proposition.

And yet, Strava is more effective. How does it do it?

The irresistible rise of the quantified self and life logging

‘The quantified self’ is a loose term, springing up from the proliferation of smart phone technology and life logging applications.

While it’s now in a coming of age stage of more mainstream interest, it could herald a dramatic revolution in how we measure our own lives, and how long we live for…