Oracle continues social shopping spree with Involver acquisition

Many businesses may have little idea what their social media marketing and ad campaigns are producing in the way of ROI, but by and large companies continue to up their investments in social.

That has created a booming business for firms that popped up to help companies manage and track their social campaigns. A booming business that caught the attention of some of the biggest names in tech.

Salesforce buddies up with Buddy Media for $745m

Over the past several years, many of the world’s largest brands have increasingly looked to establish better relationships with consumers by investing heavily in social media.

Now, some of the biggest names in software are investing heavily in startups built to help brands manage their social media initiatives.

Facebook vs Twitter: where will you be talking about Super Bowl ads?

Facebook has announced it’s partnership with US Today to create the Super Bowl Ad Meter app.

Facebook users can rate Super Bowl ads as they watch the game and then share and discuss the commercials with their friends. This will take what US Today have been doing since 1989 with a select panel of viewers and move it into social networks.

But this type of ad tracking in social media isn’t a new one. It’s been going on over on Twitter since 2009 with Brandbowl.

Q&A: Gnip President Chris Moody on the future of big data and analytics

Last week Gnip, the leading provider of social media data for enterprise applications, announced its partnership with Automattic to bring comments and blogs on the WordPress platform into its already powerful data stream.

For four years, Gnip has been the company behind the elusive social data stream businesses are hungry for. Though you may not be familiar with the name, Gnip provide data to eight of the nine largest social media monitoring firms such as Radian6.

We had a chance to talk to President and COO, Chris Moody, about how Gnip it is changing the way we look at data.