Why Wikipedia is top on Google: the SEO truth no-one wants to hear

There was an interesting study published this week which looked at 1,000 search terms in Google and measured the rankings for Wikipedia.org. It begged the question: does Google give too much prominence to Wikipedia?

As a quick recap, Wikipedia ranked for a huge 99% of the terms (as selected with a random noun generator).

While many people may consider this an unfair bias from Google towards Wikipedia, I’m not so sure…

How to improve local search rankings

open-for-businessRemember when the world was young and finding a copy of your book on Fly
Fishing meant hours crawling through the local yellow pages or trusting
to luck that ‘Six Gun’ Tex McCain was really a reliable plumber?

Thankfully these days we have the magic of the internet, where anyone
can have a fully functional, great looking site for their local business. 

Unfortunately this does leave smaller business or individual users
with a problem: How are you going to market your site?

There’s a mountain of marketing guides out there, but there is a
tendency to assume you’re trying to build a multinational media empire.
If you’re just trying to get a few extra people through the door of your
cake shop then a lot of this advice really isn’t going to be suitable.

Having a great LinkedIn network is fine, but are those international
jet-setters really going to stop at your small Hardware Shop?

If you’re trying to raise localised traffic it can be hard to know where
to start, and let’s be honest, if your site isn’t in the top ten when
someone Googles ‘Launderette, Stevenage‘ then there’s no point in having
a site. So let’s see what you can do to get yourself a decent search