Salesforce takes on the world with Database.com

Marc Benioff probably doesn’t mind a few clouds. Salesforce.com’s CEO believes that cloud computing is a big part of the future, and has called the book he wrote about Salesforce.com’s rise Behind the Cloud.

But Benioff isn’t just talking about and promoting the cloud. He’s putting his money where his mouth is, and Salesforce.com is increasingly looking to play a larger role in the cloud computing market. Yesterday, the company made one of its biggest announcements yet: Database.com.

Will MySQL falter under Oracle’s ownership?

Oracle’s pending acquisition of Sun Microsystems apparently has some
users of MySQL worried. MySQL, of course, is the open source database
owned by Sun and offered freely under a GNU General Public License.

It’s the most popular open source RDBMS in the world, and is used with popular
products like WordPress and on major websites like Facebook and