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Start me up! A profile of RentalRoost

A few years ago I wrote a post here on Econsultancy detailing my escalating frustration with property websites and agents when looking for a place to live.

So I was particularly pleased to hear about RentalRoost, a US company aiming to disrupt the property market and place more power in the hands of the buyer.

We spoke to CEO and founder Nitin Shingate about the company’s plans.

Q&A: Coldwell Banker bets the rent

coldwellAs one of the biggest real estate companies in the country, Coldwell Banker is in a tough spot when it comes to media. It has to drive leads for its brokers. It has to make consumers aware that it has the stability to get through a huge market downturn. Last week it announced a major online and offline media campaign aimed at doing both. In terms of spending it’s split down the middle and we talked to Senior Marketing Vice President Mike Fischer about its positioning.

Century 21, which is perhaps your biggest competitor, announced it was moving 100 percent of its spending online. Why not follow that?
I believe in balance. There’s a cost for everything and I think in order for us to take care of our brokers and our consumers we need to make sure we have a balanced approach. We’ll probably spend 40 percent of our budget online. I think that’s a pretty good place to be.