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Start Me Up! A profile of Geckoboard

The importance of real-time data in business decision making is becoming more important for organizations of all sizes.

Our recent Best Practices in Data Management Guide by Chris O’Hara includes techniques for getting unique, actionable audience insights, however it is intended mainly for large business and Enterprise.

A new startup, Geckoboard, aims to bring real-time data intelligence to the lean business camp.

We interviewed the founder Paul Joyce for more info. 

In the digital data dance, consumers lead

Digital blocksWe’re living in the era of the digital data deluge. Think about how often you check your bank balance online versus going to a teller, how many emails you receive a day, the number of hours you spend on your smartphone not making phone calls.

Consumers leave contrails of data as a result of their digital interactions, and this behavioral data creates opportunities to drive customer acquisition, reduce operating expenses, and make faster, better decisions.

But there are also some fundamental problems.