70% of Facebook brand pages are inactive

More than two-thirds (70.1%) of Facebook brand pages are updated less than once a month, according to a new study from

This is despite the fact that best practice suggests that brands need to post frequent updates in order to maintain engagement with their fans.

In recent months Facebook has released a host of features such as the Timeline view, Offers, post scheduling and targeting, a redesigned ad network and Facebook Exchange to make its pages more attractive to businesses.

But the study of 5.7m Facebook Pages suggests that most businesses are still struggling to drive any real consumer engagement through the social network.

Walmart’s 3,500 local Facebook pages gain just 2m fans

In terms of the sheer number of Facebook fans, Walmart is one of the top performing brands with more than 21m ‘likes’ to its name.

Last October, when its fan count was a mere 9m, it sought to take advantage of its popularity by partnering with Facebook to launch 3,500 pages for its local stores across the US.

The idea was to build brand loyalty with “enhanced local interaction at an unprecedented scale”, an issue we looked at more closely in a post looking at hyperlocal Facebook strategies.

The theory goes that if you give users local content and offers then it will help to increase their affinity with the brand and create loyal customers.

82% of Facebook brand pages updated less than five times per month

New research by has found that 82% of Facebook brand pages issue less than five updates per month.

Local businesses were found to be the least active, participating in just 6% of the conversations on their pages.

On average 91% of conversation pages are left unattended.’s findings, which are based on analysis of 1.7m Facebook pages, indicate that companies are still struggling to understand how they should be using Facebook to promote their brands and engage with users.