Q&A: RecycleBank CMO Ian Yolles

ian yolles recyclebank.comGo green, get rewarded. In a nutshell, that’s RecycleBank’s business model and value proposition. The company teams with municipalities to add chips to recycling bins to monitor activity. Consumers receive points, redeemable for goods and services, from companies ranging from Coca-Cola to Yoplait to eBay. Everyone wins: localities have less landfill, consumers are rewarded for good behavior, and brands can bask in a do-gooder, green glow.

The company recently expanded to the UK, and has also gone beyond its recycling roots into other green activities. We caught up with CMO Ian Yolles, whose own green cred is impeccable. He joined the company following stints with Outward Bound, Nike, Patagonia, and The Body Shop.