The best social media stories & campaigns from July 2018

As the sunshine in the UK continues into what feels like it’s 656th day, social stories and campaigns continue to keep us entertained!

Here are some of the best from July 2018 – featuring Nike, Facebook, The World Cup, William Hill and more…

ux design

23 creative examples of hover states in ecommerce UX

Everybody loves a bit of interaction with a website. Although scrolling experiences aren’t for everyone, mouseover effects have been established for a long time.

As creative hover states feature in my design trends to watch out for in 2016 (for the creativity they afford an otherwise increasingly restrained front-end developer), I decided to roundup some of my favourite examples.

Of course, these are on desktop, where most ecommerce sales occur (for now).

10 best social campaigns and stories from April 2015

Now that David Moth is our new head of social, he has bequeathed his regular round-up of social campaigns and stories to me, as he’s now too busy posting Taylor Swift Vines on the official company Twitter.

He can be confident that this is in relatively safe hands.

So sit back and enjoy this new-look collection of news and advertising inspiration taken from the wide world of social, and I’ll try and keep the puns to a minimum.

Reebok uses PeerIndex for new CrossFit campaign

Reebok is to invite 1,000 fitness-based social media influencers to free training events as part of a campaign to promote its association with the CrossFit exercise trend.

CrossFit is a popular strength and conditioning programme in the US that Reebok has been associated with since 2010.

The top 100 most influential people as identified by PeerIndex’s PeerPerks service will also receive a free pair of Reebok’s RealFlex trainers, which is part of the brand’s global ‘The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived’ marketing campaign.