Is Apple really this dumb?

Apple’s rise to the top of the tech world has been marked just as much
by controversy as it has by success in the mobile market. The company’s
desire for control has made it a target for critics, and potentially
for regulators.

Apple attracted the spotlight when it implemented new rules that essentially killed Adobe’s iPhone/iPad ambitions by making it clear that apps developed using Adobe’s Packager for iPhone tool contained in the newest version Flash Professional would not make it into the App Store. And its dislike for Flash was made abundantly clear when the iPad was unveiled, sans Flash support.

‘Regulate’ Apple, kill mobile competition and innovation?

Given all of drama over the recent tiff between Apple and Adobe, the
that regulators in the United States are looking closely at Apple
shouldn’t come as a surprise. Apple’s behavior, legal or not, was bound
to attract the attention of antitrust regulators sooner or later.

While many Apple critics will welcome the news, I think Apple
supporters and detractors alike have good reason to send the same
message to the regulators: thanks, but no thanks.