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Social CRM: realising the full value of social media

Gone are the days when social media was seen as the magic bullet, the free media for broadcast marketing.

Now firmly embedded in major organisations worldwide as a means for building an online fan base, our understanding and use of social media is evolving. 

Social CRM: what does it actually look like?

The more digital we become (define and measure that how you will), the more advantage we can gain from being ‘human’ in our communications and sales approach.

As community and privacy is eroded, social skills and the ability to network become high-value attributes, where once they may have been called soft skills. 

Mistakes I’ve made managing agency relationships

It’s a long road this
path to digital enlightenment, and it involves many crossroads and epiphanies.

the past 10 years I’ve been implementing digital campaigns, defining e-commerce strategy and I’ve been agency-side responsible for a challenging set of retail
accounts. I’ve been on both sides
of the fence when dealing with agency relationships.

This blog takes a peek
at the wonderful mistakes I’ve made that today put me in a position of strength
and confidence. You might well recognise some of these from your own
experience, you might be able to suggest some more; we’re human after all.