remnant advertising

Outgoing Forbes CEO would like to blink and make remnant ads disappear

There are plenty of reasons why newspaper and magazine publishers are seeing their advertising revenue decline, but one major sticking point for them is the existence of ad networks. Publishers remain convinced that sending their unsold inventory to third parties to sell online is pushing the general value of their online ads down. There may be some truth to this.

But until publishers figure out how to sell all of their inventory in-house, networks will continue to serve a purpose — and irritate media moguls.

This month The Online Publishers Association (OPA) put out a study (which I wrote about here)
that tried again to discount the value of ad networks, saying that ads sold
through ad brokers are significantly less effective than those sold
directly through publishers.

And today, Jim Spanfeller, the outgoing CEO of (and treasurer of OPA), took to PaidContent in attempts to banish the notion of remnant advertising from the lexicon. 

Should that happen? Maybe. But not for the reasons he thinks.