Rentokil launches personalised ‘House of Horrors’ Facebook app has launched a video app for Facebook called ‘House of Horrors’ to raise awareness of the importance of home insurance.

The app, created by A Social Media Agency, is part of an ongoing digital marketing strategy that aims to alert consumers to the benefits of home insurance, promoting the comparison site as a destination for buying a policy.

After connecting to the app users are asked to enter their postcode, which connects with Google Maps to start the video with a personalised shot of their house.

Drawing inspiration from Take This Lollipop, images from the user’s Facebook profile are then shown during a video of a burglar breaking into a house  - making it appear as if it is their home that has been broken into.

Rentokil launches new social media campaign with CGI mouse

The business of selling pest control must be tricky, as it’s either a product you need or you don’t – there’s not really any middle ground.

So the best approach for pest controllers is to promote brand awareness so when you do spot a rat in the kitchen they are the first ones you think of.

This is the approach Rentokil is adopting with its new social media campaign involving a CGI mouse called Scamper who has his own Facebook game, Twitter account and four CGI video clips.