Five key trends from our Customer Experience Optimisation report

Marketers see the importance of customer experience, but face issues with data, and business structures. 

Our Customer Experience Optimization report, produced in partnership with Ensighten, highlights how organisations are using tech and data to deliver personalised customer experiences, along with the challenges they are facing. 

Here’s a summary of some of the key points from the report… 

15 fascinating insights from Econsultancy’s 2014 reports

We’re not just a pretty face.

As a regular visitor to the blog, you’ll no doubt be aware of the magnificent free content on offer to you from our small band of marketing and digital experts here on the blog.

This is just scratching the surface of what Econsultancy has to offer though…

Four new trends in digital analytics

Companies are well aware of the need for digital transformation in a world where their customers are ‘always online’.

Consumers are using computers, mobile devices and social platforms as integral parts of their day-to-day lives.

While technological advancements are empowering consumers, they are also creating new opportunities for businesses that can acquire and process the data from these activities and use the insights to drive decision making and action. 

But according to the Econsultancy and Adobe 2014 Digital Trends report, only 23% of marketers believe they have the marketing technology they need to be successful.

This highlights the need for organisations to replace their legacy systems with technology that positions them to capitalise on current and future opportunities.

10 quick marketing tips for mobile casino providers

As mobile casino gambling becomes increasingly lucrative, how can marketers overcome technical limitations in order to increase customer lifetime value (CLV)?

New research from our brand new Improving Mobile Casino Performance report offers advice on cross-selling, eCRM, paid search and other marketing techniques designed to improve CLV and customer retention.

The report covers areas of user experience, marketing, technology and presents a maturity model against which operators can benchmark their performance. 

The research, carried out in association with IGT, was based on expert UX reviews across more than a dozen mobile casino sites along with in-depth interviews with mobile casino operators.

We took a brief look at UX in four user experience tips for mobile casinos and while the user experience of the mobile casino is important in driving usage and financial returns, marketing is also critical to success in this area. 

Here are some examples of guidance from the report.


Marketers doing more in-house: the trend no-one talks about?

Achieving the right balance between building in-house capability and outsourcing is one of the defining questions of modern marketing.

Research conducted for Econsultancy’s new Best Practice Guide to Insourcing and Outsourcing indicates that this is an ever-shifting dynamic.  

When combined with variations by sector and digital maturity, it means greater complexity for marketers and greater difficulty in establishing exactly what good looks like.

60% of businesses plan to increase marketing budgets in 2014 [infographic]

Marketers are more likely to be increasing their overall marketing budgets for the year ahead than at any time since the launch of our first Marketing Budgets Report during the height of the economic crisis. 

The Marketing Budgets Report 2014, published by Econsultancy and sponsored by Responsys, is based on a survey of more than 600 company and agency marketers, carried out in December 2013 and January 2014.

This infographic presents some of the key findings from the report…


Is this the age of the content strategist?

Companies’ content strategies are becoming ever more mature, according to research conducted for a new best practice guide. 

Econsultancy’s new report into Digital Content Strategy highlights the growing importance of Content Strategy, not only as a capability within marketing organisations, but as an emerging discipline with its own associated specialist expertise.

So have we really reached the age of the Content Strategist? 

Search and ecommerce in Russia [infographic]

According to our recent Digital Landscape Report, Russia has the highest number of internet users in Europe, and represents a potential growth market for ecommerce. 

In addition, just under half of Russia’s 61m web users are buying online, though a mistrust of the finance industry means that cash on delivery is the prevelant payment method. 

There are barriers though, such as mistrust of retailers, and the risk of parcels going AWOL due to the number of people living in communal apartments. 

However, as our report, and this two part infographic from Search Laboratory shows, there are many opportunitues. 

10 interesting digital marketing statistics we’ve seen this week

This week’s stats roundup is all about shopping, including conversion optimisation, mobile-friendly web design, showrooming and eBay.

There’s also room for some beefy stats on Facebook and Twitter (after Twitter’s IPO) and some interesting detail on web standards and ad complexity.

Feed your brain with this week’s rare and juicy stats – watch that white shirt! And for more digital marketing stats, check out our Internet Statistics Compendium.

Just 20% of companies have a well developed customer experience strategy

Econsultancy’s Modern Marketing Manifesto states that customer experience “must be the relentless focus of modern marketing”. 

However, new research published this week by Econsultancy and CACI has found that the majority of companies (58%) only have an embryonic customer experience strategy.

Our Integrated Customer Experience report, produced in association with CACI,found that organisations are facing their biggest challenges around data, systems and processes.  

This report is based on a global survey of nearly 900 companies and agencies from Econsultancy’s user base, carried out in June and July 2013.

Here are some highlights…