Yahoo launches dashboard for small businesses

Yahoo may be putting 50 of its properties on the chopping block as new CEO Scott Thompson looks to make the once-dominant internet portal a little leaner and more nimble, but apparently small businesses are important enough to Yahoo that it will create new products.

Today, Yahoo did just that by launching an online dashboard designed specifically for small businesses.

Wall Street marketers take responsibility for poor reputation

Communications and marketing executives at 150 US-based financial firms have admitted that the responsibility for poor reputation lies with them, according to the 2012 Makovsky Wall Street Reputation Study.

96% of the group said that they invite negative public perception by their actions or inactions, while negative public perception topped the list of challenges these firms must overcome in the next year.

Social listening and online reputation monitoring: new report

Today marks the publication of Econsultancy’s 2012 Online Reputation and Buzz Monitoring Buyer’s Guide, containing profiles of 15 leading vendors and advice for companies trying to choose a tool and to get the most from the technology.

The report follows separate research we published in November which shows that an increasing number of companies are paying for reputation monitoring software.  

Your company needs a social media policy

Recently, I published a post that struck a nerve with a reader who will remain anonymous. That reader lashed out at my idiocy in several ways, including via a popular social network.

The wasted effort at insulting and haranguing me would have been quickly
forgotten if not for an interesting observation: my cyberstalking
critic executed his childish attacks through multiple accounts all associated with
his employer, a small services-oriented business.

On one of those
accounts, I discovered other rude, obnoxious and downright classless ‘content‘ not directed at me.

Personal branding? Nonsense! It’s reputation

According to Washington Post journalist Gene Weingarten, “‘branding’ is ruining journalism.”

He’s referring, of course, to personal branding, the activity that a growing number of journalists are supposedly engaging in as the publications they work for lose clout and financial resources.

Social media: opinions are like…

Newspapers face numerous challenges in the digital age. From online
business models to organizational structure, many newspapers are
struggling to find their way in the world.

And then there are the ‘smaller‘ challenges that are sometimes just as thorny. One of these: the importance of journalist objectivity.

Ryanair: marketing genius or reputation madness?

When it comes to marketing, few companies take as combative an approach as the budget airline Ryanair.

In fact, over the last couple of years, the company has challenged a rival brand to a ‘chariots of fire’ race around Trafalgar Square, referred to a large chunk of its online audience as the ‘idiot blogosphere’, threatened to introduce a surcharge for overweight passengers (a ‘fat tax’) and suggested it might make customers pay £1 to use its onboard toilets (the press have dubbed this ‘pay per pee’).

10 common online reputation mistakes

In today’s internet-enabled world, your ‘reputation‘ is arguably more important than it has ever been in the past. Increasingly, information about you and your business will find its way online, and what people say about you online has the potential to become a significant asset or liability.

So it’s no surprise that ‘online reputation management‘ is a hot area. But as with SEO and social media, many mistakes are made.

Here are 10 of the most common…

Irony 2.0: controversial online reputation startup caught astroturfing

Last week, I wrote about Unvarnished, the ‘Yelp for people‘ startup
that has sparked a decent amount of controversy since publicly launching a private beta. In my post on the
company, I echoed the sentiments of a good number of fellow bloggers
and suggested that Unvarnished “may be 2010’s worst startup.

Unvarnished’s co-founder, Peter Kazanjy, left a comment on my post,
which was shortly thereafter followed by an interesting comment from a
fellow going by the name of “Mike.”

Unvarnished: Yelp for people may be 2010’s worst startup

Online reputation management is an increasingly important subject for
businesses. And for good reason: consumers are on the internet, and
they’re talking about the businesses they interact with. From reviews
posted on sites like Amazon to dedicated customer review hubs like
Yelp, there is no shortage of online places for consumers to express
their opinions about businesses (and their products and services).

But what about individuals? While some have tried to bring the reviews
to an individual level, there’s really no Yelp for people. A new
startup that is receiving some attention and sparking some controversy
hopes to change that.

Reputation is dead, long live reputation

What is more important than your reputation? For most individuals and
businesses, the answer to that is simple: “not much.”

Our increasingly networked world has only boosted the importance of
reputation. On the internet, the investment often seen today in PR,
social media and reputation management solutions highlights this.