BBC is the most shared UK news outlet on Twitter, Mail Online is fifth

The BBC and The Guardian are the most dominant UK news outlets in terms of the number of shares on Twitter, according to new data from PeerIndex.

UK Twitter users shared just over 4.2m articles from BBC News in January 2014, which apparently resulted in more than 100bn potential impressions of BBC content to Twitter users globally.

In comparison, content from The Guardian was shared 2.4m times via Twitter while The Telegraph came in third with 913,000 shares.

The research also shows the negative impact that paywalls have on social sharing, as The New York Times is the only paid-for online publications to make the top 10. For more on The NYT’s business model, read our report on its recent native advertising trial.

29 useful Twitter tips for beginners

I blogged a while back offering five simple suggestions to optimise Tweets. As it went down well I thought it worthwhile expanding on this and giving my insight on growing a follower base and increasing engagement.

Twitter is a fantastic platform that allows you to interact with like-minded people. I’ve learnt a lot from fellow digital marketers on Twitter by joining conversations and reading their content.

Along the way I’ve picked up a fairly substantial set of tips, tricks and hints on how to make the most of Twitter and build your presence there. 

Anyway, enough waffle, you came here wanting tips so let’s get to it.

Twitter’s new retweet feature paves the way for more commercial usage

Rage is a common response when social media sites make minor tweaks to their services, and characteristically, Twitter’s new retweet change is causing lots of outrage from users (Gawker headlined its post “Re-Tweet Redesign Helps the Rich Get Richer on Twitter”).

Trying to solve some of the issues surrounding the “RT” functionality, Twitter has done away with it completely in favor of reposting a tweet from the original twitterer, with a link to the person who retweeted it (an example is above).

There are some drawbacks to the new approach, but helps Twitter do two things that will become increasingly important to its business model: track tweets and make them more reliable for professional users.

15 kick-ass retweet tips for writers

15 kick-ass retweet tips for writersTwitter is a publisher’s dream. It is a huge echo chamber that can drive a lot of quality traffic to articles, especially if the retweets take off.

Retweets are referrals. The ‘RT’ abbreviation is a strong call to action. People trust their virtual friends to steer them in interesting directions, otherwise they wouldn’t be following them in the first place. As such retweets can generate lots of clicks, and they can quickly go viral.

In addition, there are a range of websites orientated around retweets. Think Digg, but instead of ‘diggs’ you have ‘retweets’, and usually these links are displayed in order of popularity (and not buried / subject to a complex algorithm to determine front-page status). These sites can be traffic drivers too. One of my favourites is the excellent TweetMeme.

So, considering the opportunity here, how can publishers make the most out of Twitter, and optimise the retweet factor? 

Tweet. tweettweet. ReTweeting by the numbers

retweetSocial and viral media expert Dan Zarella has posted the results of a fascinating study: the numbers and semantics behind getting Twitter followers to ReTweet tweets, thereby amplifying and expanding upon messaging by using Twitter’s built-in viral aspects.

Few marketers will be surprised by the fact that a simple call-to-action matters. A lot. Simply adding the phrase “please retweet” just plain works much of the time.

Zarella’s semantic analysis of what gets ReTweeted reveals the following:

  • Timely content is often ReTweeted
  • Freebies are popular
  • Tweeting about Twitter is effective
  • So are lists
  • People like to ReTweet blog posts (he doesn’t specify if this refers the original tweeter’s own blog, but irregardless – Twitter users are also highly active in the blogosphere.)

Oh, and don’t forget to mind your manners. Requesting a Retweent politely and remembering to say “please” ups the ReTweeting odds by nearly a 6X factor.