BBC is the most shared UK news outlet on Twitter, Mail Online is fifth

The BBC and The Guardian are the most dominant UK news outlets in terms of the number of shares on Twitter, according to new data from PeerIndex.

UK Twitter users shared just over 4.2m articles from BBC News in January 2014, which apparently resulted in more than 100bn potential impressions of BBC content to Twitter users globally.

In comparison, content from The Guardian was shared 2.4m times via Twitter while The Telegraph came in third with 913,000 shares.

The research also shows the negative impact that paywalls have on social sharing, as The New York Times is the only paid-for online publications to make the top 10. For more on The NYT’s business model, read our report on its recent native advertising trial.

29 useful Twitter tips for beginners

I blogged a while back offering five simple suggestions to optimise Tweets. As it went down well I thought it worthwhile expanding on this and giving my insight on growing a follower base and increasing engagement.

Twitter is a fantastic platform that allows you to interact with like-minded people. I’ve learnt a lot from fellow digital marketers on Twitter by joining conversations and reading their content.

Along the way I’ve picked up a fairly substantial set of tips, tricks and hints on how to make the most of Twitter and build your presence there. 

Anyway, enough waffle, you came here wanting tips so let’s get to it.

What did I learn swapping a book for a retweet?

A few weeks ago I released a mini eBook about link building for SEO titled “Becoming a Clockwork Pirate.” Although I put my heart, soul and everything I know about link building into the 30,000 word digital mini-book, that’s not what made the book most interesting.

What made it unusual was the approach I took in ‘monetising’ it.