How to blast your Twitter engagement rates through the roof

Engagement. That word means a lot of different things to a different people, but there’s no denying the fact that we all want it.

Whether it’s comments, shares, Likes, Retweets… engagement shows you just how much people care about your brand. 

Part of my role at Econsultancy is getting people to engage more with our content on our social channels, so I thought I’d list a few methods that should see your engagement rocket.

Come on, let’s go and blow the doors off… 

How to get started with Twitter analytics

Twitter rolled out its built-in analytics to all users fairly recently.

If you’re an advertiser with Twitter, you’ll have had access to Twitter analytics for a while, but for everyone just hopping on board, I thought it would be useful to take a spin through the various features and look at the insights you can (and can’t) glean from them. 

This week’s finest digital marketing infographic

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for us to trawl our inboxes to pluck out the finest infographic we’ve seen this week.

This week’s comes from Quicksprout and contains some useful tips on getting more retweets on Twitter

Twitter is a great medium for sharing links to your content and driving traffic, but it’s not enough to simply publish content and hope for the best.

To maximise your chances of gaining retweets and clicks you need to know when to tweet and how often. And don’t forget to leave room for retweets… 

Optimise your tweets with these five simple suggestions

To maximise a tweet’s effectiveness you need to use the 140 characters in the most efficient manner possible. This post offers five simple suggestions to optimise tweets for engagement and ultimately CTR. 

The number one rule before applying these quick fixes is ensuring your tweet content is relevant to your audience. Although these are generic tips applicable to any industry your tweets must communicate the value of your product/service to your customers.

Start by putting the customer first and construct your tweets around them paying particular attention to language, writing style, and the call-to-action your customers will most likely respond to.

Twitter co-founder reveals his dream metric

For brand marketers looking to figure out whether or not their Twitter investments are paying off, metrics are a big challenge.

Arguably the most prominent Twitter metric, followers, is of limited use in practice, particularly since it’s so easy to game. Other metrics, such as retweets, may be slightly more meaningful, but they’re often difficult to connect to the most important business KPIs as well.

Seven more tips for getting retweets on Twitter

Twitter is the perfect medium for sharing links to your content and driving traffic, but it’s not enough to simply publish content and hoping for the best.

To give yourself the best chance of gaining retweets and clicks you need to know when to tweet and how often.

A new report from Buddy Media, Strategies for Effective Tweeting, analysed user engagement with 320 Twitter handles of the world’s biggest brands.

It looked at the replies, retweets and engagement each received between December 11, 2011 and February 23, 2012.

Here are seven of the tips it came up with…

Can news agencies accurately predict retweets?

There’s nothing like gaining a load of retweets for a cheap ego boost, but it also has more tangible benefits in terms of driving site traffic and increasing exposure of your business.

There are tactics we assume to work (e.g. put ‘Justin Bieber in the headline), but a new report by Hewlett Packard and UCLA tries to create a model that allows news agencies to predict how many retweets they will get.

It suggests that it can be done to an accuracy of 84%, which is a bold claim.

20 simple ways to get more retweets on Twitter

I’ve touched upon this subject before but thought I’d compile a post specifically aimed at bloggers / writers / content creators.

Many brands are investing in content like never before. They use blogs and social networks to attract traffic, and to encourage people to share their posts.

So what do they need to think about to try to increase the amount of sharing on Twitter?

How to extract meaning from retweets

Everybody loves to be retweeted, unless they’ve completely messed up, but it’s worth noting that retweets aren’t created equally.

Speaking from the perspective of a publisher, we love it when our links are shared. But what I really look for is the buzz surrounding an article, rather than the sheer volume of retweets a post generates.

The background chatter is more important to me than counting up the retweets. The problem is, some retweets contain little or no additional information from the retweeter.

How you can attract more retweets: a 10-step guide

How you can attract more retweets: a 10-step guideIs there a science to optimising retweets? Or is it a combination of luck and network reach?

I believe that some tweets are more likely to be shared than others, and that you can increase your chances of being retweeted by following a few simple tips. 

There are various factors that come into play, and thankfully there is some data to back up some of these ideas.