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How to sell B2B content marketing to the dinosaurs who pay your salary

Your number one challenge as a B2B marketer today: evangelising the new dynamics of content marketing to the folks who grew up on old-style marketing.

There are two kinds of B2B marketers. Those who have noticed that B2B marketing has changed dramatically in the last few years and those who haven’t.

The problem for those of us who have noticed: most of us are reporting to people who haven’t.

Introduction to DDG and digital sales & marketing for SME/SMBs

This is an introductory article for small to medium businesses who are either behind the digital sales and marketing curve, or who are dabbling with digital tactics for either branding or lead generation purposes. 

The focus of this article is ‘Digital Demand Generation’ (DDG), a discipline that combines a custom combination of digital tactics for lead generation (traffic), and an implementation of a marketing automation tool to manage lead progression through the funnel towards a closed sale. 

This discipline is now emerging as Revenue Performance Management (RPM) and was originally termed Marketing Automation. Regardless of title, progressive organisations can make significant strides forward with DDG  by increasing their number of leads, number of sales qualified conversions and reduction of the sales cycle in terms of time and expense. 

Using digital marketing tactics, marketing automation tools and the latest best practices can result in a tremendous revenue growth opportunity for SMEs, but be sure to consider the suitability of DDG for your business.